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Move Forward by Taking a Step Back

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It sounds strange, I know, but sometimes in order to move forward in your relationship, you need to take a step backwards.

You see, if your relationship isn’t working out the way you planned, or worse, its already ended, this can actually be a great time to get things moving forward again.

When break-ups happen, there is always one person who will try hard to put things back together again. If the other person of the couple just isn’t ready for this, there’s not a lot you can do about it.

This means calling, emailing, texting and generally trying to stay friends is working against you. Your ex wants time apart, so pushing yourself onto him with constant contact could be driving him even further away.

By taking a step back and re-assessing the relationship that was, you’re in a prime position to see where things might have gone wrong. You’ll also be giving yourselves both some time to be apart.

Its during this time that your ex is likely to begin wondering why contact from you has stopped. No matter how badly your relationship ended, remember this is a man who had feelings for you once. Even if those feelings might be buried under other thoughts or issues right now, those feelings are still hidden in there somewhere.

When you really want him to bring those feelings back to the surface, the key could be to let him spend a bit of time without you. He’ll want to know why you’re not calling any more. He’ll be curious what happened to you.

Eventually, he’ll be the one to reach out and reconnect with you.

During this time, it can be difficult to avoid thinking about him and wondering what he’s doing or who he’s with. Rather than spend your time and energy on negative things, try doing things that make you happy. Have a little fun.

This way, by the time you two do reconnect, he’ll be talking to that fun, happy girl he fell in love with – and those feelings he had buried will bubble up to the surface again in no time.

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Tricking Your Subconscious Mind

Have you ever heard the saying “thoughts become actions?” What we think about often enough sometimes ends up happening to us.

This is the power of your subconscious mind at work and it really can influence the actions you take in order to prove your subconscious mind right.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about: have you ever known someone who was so afraid they would lose their lover that they thought about nothing else constantly? Those thoughts penetrated so deeply into the subconscious mind that they ended up doing or saying silly things that actually drove their partner away from them.

Their thoughts became actions that, in turn, proved the subconscious mind right.

Can you imagine what your life would be like if your subconscious mind knew that you deserved to be in a loving, happy relationship? Your mind would bring about the actions needed to make that deep thought into a reality.

The problem with this kind of mindset is that most people don’t focus on what they truly want often enough for it to sink right down deep into the subconscious level where it needs to be.

Oh sure, they’ll think about it for a while, but eventually the old negative-thinking habit kicks back in and once again they’re focused on all the things they don’t want, instead of the things they do.

So how do you get your subconscious mind to realize that you want it to begin creating positive actions that turn into the outcomes you really want?

Have you ever heard the saying “fake it till you make it?”

(This doesn’t mean you should do this in the bedroom, but more on that later)

What this means is that you should act as though you expect good things from your relationship. It means by going through the motions of acting happy and loved and in love, your subconscious mind will eventually pick up that this is now a new normal state of being for you. Your mind will strive to amend your own actions and choices so that your relationships become a real-life version of what you’ve been telling your mind you want.

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Michael Griswold of Reunited Relationships REVIEW

Michael Griswold

Michael Griswold

The following is a review of Michael Griswold, Reunited Relationships and his latest product, The M3 System: Making Up Made Easy.

If you have recently had your heart broken by the one you love, you are mostly feeling lost and alone.  In fact, you’ll probably do just about anything to get back with the one you love, right?  Unfortunately, the advice from family and friends is probably not the best.  This is where Michael Griswold & The M3 System comes in.

I have personally been following Michael for some time now.  He has been online teaching thousands how to rekindle and re-strengthen their relationships for some time now.  His advice, is fresh, original and very, very effective.  Michael himself went through a tragic breakup some years back, and has launched himself on a never-ending quest for more knowledge on communication, sex, relationships, peruasion & more.

The M3 System is the culmination of his discoveries!

What is the M3 System?

Michael has put together an entire online membership site filled with videos, audios, .PDF ebooks and more to walk you step by step through the process of getting back with your ex.  It is extremely extensive, and I was simply overwhelmed by the amount of content involved.  There are videos designed to teach you how to exude confidence and their are self-hypnosis audios designed to help you along the way.

One of the best modules that Michael includes is entire strategy for attacking the issues involved with “Facebook Stalking.”  He calls it Facebook Jujitsu.  Michael shows you how you can use Facebook to your advantage to help you on your quest to win back your ex.


I think my favorite part about the entire product is that he offers videos AND audios so I can simply download everything to my iPod and listen while I’m on a jog or in my car.  Very helpful!

My COMPLAINT with the M3 System:

Call me a perfectionist, but I simply feel the course could be improved if the videos were of better quality.  Michael simply talks to you through his webcam on his computer, which is great because you feel that he is right there with you, but it would have been nicer to use some professional camera equipment.  Maybe I’m just being picky?  At least the audio is great quality.

In Conclusion:

Overall, I do not believe there is a more extensive, COMPLETE course designed to help you get your ex back!  The M3 System is a home run!  Not only because it can work, but because it is designed to help you create a “Position of Power” in your relationship so you never, ever have to worry about getting dumped, cheated on, or left behind ever again!

Click here to check out Michael Griswold’s M3 System for yourself: Get Your ExBack

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Understanding the Fundamental Principles of Our Hormones

Men and women are fundamentally different creatures. It’s no wonder we sometimes clash and end up thinking completely different things about the same situation.

Hormonally, we’re poles apart. Scientists have known about these hormonal differences in men and women for a very long time. Yet it seems that when you’re involved in a relationship, it’s something we all forget.

Unfortunately, these very hormonal differences within us can sometimes be the primary contributing factor to failure in relationships.

For example, women will release a hormone called oxytocin when they’re trying to cope with stressful situations, but men will release testosterone.

When a man feels stressed or is facing an emergency or crisis, he’ll release testosterone as a way to help his coping mechanisms trigger the right responses for him. Obviously, men will be drawn to activities that increase testosterone levels for them to help them find ways to cope better with stress.

Problem solving can release testosterone in a man, but it can actually increase stress in a woman. She needs to release the hormone oxytocin for her stress levels to come down.

However, for a woman to release oxytocin, she needs to feel safe, supported, nurtured and cared for. For a woman who isn’t feeling quite secure in her relationship, it can be much harder for her to release the required hormones she needs in order to cope with stress the right way.

She needs to be able to give and receive love and feel secure and nurtured before she can release oxytocin into her

system and reduce her stress so she feels good again. Of course, increased levels of oxytocin in men can sometimes increase their own stress levels.

This can trigger arguments and fights between couples who aren’t aware of how to deal with these differences.

The key to balancing each of our hormonal differences is to understand how those differences can make us act and think. By understanding these things, it’s much easier to begin working on helping each other get what we need within a relationship, which can only lead to a more harmonious partnership in the long run.

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