A Collision is Unavoidable, It’s In the Genes

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Men and women are destined to be different. Genetically, we’re not the same. Biologically we’re not the same. Hormonally, emotionally and logically we’re not the same.

So why is it we expect our partners to think and react and respond the same way we do to certain situations?

Many couples argue over the smallest things simply because they don’t have an understanding of how differently the other person is viewing the real issue at hand. They also don’t have an awareness that men and women will have opposite hormonal reactions to stress that can skew their responses during that argument.

When you look at how completely opposite men and women can be, it’s no wonder so many of us clash with the ones we really love.

So while a clash might be inevitable, it doesn’t have to mean it’s a bad thing.

All couples argue from time to time. It’s how we handle those disagreements that can either make a relationship stronger or doom it to die a painful death.

Reunited Relationship M3 System

When a man gets into a stressful situation, like an argument with a loved one, he’ll release testosterone into his system. This might help him feel less stressed, but a woman may perceive him as becoming overly aggressive in his responses.

However, when a woman gets into a stressful situation, like that same argument with a loved one, she isn’t able to release her own stress-relieving hormone, oxytocin, into her system. In fact, she may even begin to release testosterone herself, which can actually increase her stress-levels and make her respond far more
aggressively than she usually would.

And so the argument escalates and both of you retreat into a stony silence where you both start wondering if this relationship is worth the effort at all.

However, if you were to understand how your partner differs from you and take this into account when trying to get your point of view across, perhaps your discussion could actually bring you both a deeper understanding of the other person’s thinking.

This might actually strengthen your relationship instead of colliding head-on like two speeding cars on a highway!

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