Forget the Past Look Towards the Future

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How many times have you found yourself focusing on the past and ending up feeling upset and distraught about what you lost?

Michael Griswold Reunited Relationship

Many men AND women tend to focus on the relationship they lost right after a break-up. They go over things in their mind, wondering what they could have done differently or what they should have said to make their ex stay.

Some women glamorize the relationship they’ve lost, focusing on only the happy times they spent with their ex. They conveniently forget all about the bad times, the unhappy times and the downright miserable times.

When you’re looking back at the past, you’re not focused on your future. You might be so busy trying to bring back what you thought you’ve lost that you’re completely ruining any chances you had of creating a brand new future with your partner.

Here’s a tip: forget about the past. The relationship you had with your ex has been lost. You can’t get that part of your life back right now.

However, you CAN rebuild a brand new future with your ex, but this can only happen if you stop looking backwards and start looking forwards. You don’t need to forget about your ex, but you may need to realize that if you really want this man back, your next attempt at a relationship must be different if it’s going to survive.

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Think about it. The relationship the two of you had didn’t work. You broke up. Why on earth would you want that same relationsh

ip back if you already know it’s destined to fail?

Instead of focusing so hard on what you lost in the past, try looking forward to the future and create an image of you and your ex in a happier, more loving relationship that lasts the distance.

The key to getting your ex back and really making your relationship work is to understand what failed the first time and then take steps to create a stronger foundation for your new future relationship.

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