Happiness by Design and Your Psychology

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Have you ever known someone who constantly blames others for the bad things that happen to them? They blame their ex for making them feel bad, they blame their partner for not trying hard enough in the relationship, they blame their boss for making work awful, they blame their friends for being negative – there’s a lot of blame going on.

Here’s a little home truth: your happiness is your own responsibility.

It’s true! You really can design your own happiness and choose to feel great every single day. You can have great friends, a wonderful relationship and a brilliant job.

The key to these things is designing your own happiness using the power of your own psychology.

You see, everything that’s happening in your life right now was brought about by choices you made. You have the choice to accept those things, or you can choose to try something different. It’s completely up to you.

Think about why you’re not feeling as happy as you want to be right now. Are you in a miserable job? You choose to accept that job, just as it’s your choice whether you seek out a better job or stay where you are. You might choose to find things about your job to be grateful for.

Perhaps you’re not happy in your current relationship? Once again, you chose to be with that person, just as you have the power to choose whether you want to stay and fix the problems or whether you choose to find someone else. You could also choose to focus only on the good aspects of the person you love, rather than focusing on all the things you want to criticize.

The point here is that your happiness can be created by design.

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When you focus on the things you’re grateful for and spend some time working on things that make you happy within yourself, people are naturally drawn to you. You become like a magnet.

Don’t hand over the keys to your own happiness to anyone else. Your happiness is up to you, so make a decision about what makes you happy and go for it.

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