Why Men Act the Way They Do

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So why do men really act the way they do? Do they have any concept of how upsetting it can be for a woman when they come home from work and simply flop in front of the TV, ignoring the mess in the house and not realizing what a rotten day you’ve had?

Of course they don’t. Men have very different mindsets to women. In their mind, they’ve worked hard all day to be a good provider. They’re stressed and tired. They haven’t noticed the dishes in the sink or the mess on the floor because they have very different priorities.

In fact, their main priority is de-stressing after a hard day. Men actually find watching TV can increase their testosterone levels, which helps to reduce the amount of stress hormone, cortisol, in their system.

Did you know that letting them sit for a while in front of the TV or reading the paper before expecting them to be social can actually improve your relationship?

It sounds really backwards to a woman, but it’s true. Men really do find that watching something on TV that requires the “problem solving” side of their brain to switch on can actually make them feel better.

When they’ve solved the problems of the world by watching the news or whatever, they’re more likely to be in a good mood and ready to face whatever you need done with good grace.

Unfortunately, there are many women who find this to be selfish behavior. A woman will come home from work, think about what to cook for dinner, worry about the mess in the house, want to talk about a stressful day to get it off her chest and then deal with getting ready to do it all again tomorrow. How can he possibly sit there and not notice?

The reason he doesn’t notice isn’t selfishness and it’s not ignoring the woman he loves. It’s his way of unwinding after the pressures of a long day. Biologically, he’s designed to feel better with higher levels of testosterone in his system.

So the next time you notice your man seemingly ignoring all the things you consider important, keep in mind that he’s not ignoring them at all. He’s preparing himself for them in the best way he knows how!


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