It’s Time Out – You Are Not a Machine

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Many women complain that they do all the work in the relationship. They’re tired, they’re stressed and they’re constantly trying to do things to make sure their partner is okay.

How many women do you know seem like they’re walking on egg-shells around their partner, trying to pander to his every whim and desire just in case he might leave her?

Yet, in all of this, they often forget to do anything positive for themselves. No wonder they’re burned out and frazzled.

Then comes the big one – your partner wants a break. He wants to see other people. He doesn’t feel as close to you anymore. He’s simply pulling away or not calling as often or not making dates.

It can be devastating to know you’ve put in all that effort and he’s still pulling away. You did everything right. You did everything he wanted, the moment he wanted it. You dropped everything for him the moment he snapped his fingers…

Time out.

When did it become your job to be a machine? For any relationship to work, there needs to be a certain level of equality and respect for each other. If you’re voluntarily doing everything that needs to be done, you’ve removed the equality.

This can lead you to feeling neglected, unappreciated, resentful and simply burned out. When you’re feeling this way, your partner will be viewing you differently to the woman he fell in love with. He might even be tempted to pull away, because he feels that he can’t make you happy, so he might as well find someone he can make happy instead.

This isn’t the result you wanted from all your hard work, but it often works out this way.

Instead of trying to be a machine and doing everything for everyone else, spend a bit of time doing things just to make you feel a little happier. Pamper yourself a little. Spend some time with friends or do something that relaxes you.

That way, when it’s time to be with your partner, he’ll notice that you’re feeling happier, which in turn will inspire him to spend more time with you.

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