Turn Your Relationship Nightmare into a Fairy Tale – It’s Now or Never!

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Are you trying to and put your broken relationship back on the right path? Living with the grief of breaking up with a loved one can be an absolute nightmare and trying to figure out what went wrong so you can fix it can be a torment.

There are plenty of people all over the world who manage to fix broken relationships every day, so getting back together with your ex isn’t an impossible dream.


So where do you begin?

Should you call him to arrange a time to get together and talk about fixing your problems? Perhaps you’re tempted to meet with him so you can beg him to come back to you and show him how much you love him.

Regardless of what you think might be the right move from your own perspective, before you take any action at all, you need to stop and think about things from his perspective for a moment.

Even if he didn’t tell you so, he must have had his reasons for wanting to spend some time apart. Perhaps he felt things were moving too quickly. Perhaps he simply wasn’t ready for something quite so serious yet or maybe he felt a little smothered and needed some space to get his head around things.

Regardless of his reasons, he did have a real need from his perspective to need a little time to think.

Unfortunately, when a man pulls away like this, it can be enough to cause a woman to panic. She believes she’s lost him forever and immediately begins trying hard to make him stay in contact with her any way she can.


Instead of trying to beg him to stay with you, take some time to understand his need to pull away and give him his space.

If he’s like the vast majority of men, he’ll immediately begin to wonder why you’re nothing like every other woman he’s known. He’ll begin to get curious about why you never called him and why you didn’t chase him to come back to you.

Before you know it, he’s the one on the phone asking to meet up with you and talk things over – which is the fairytale ending to the break-up nightmare you’ve been going through.

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